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Our Silky Kit has a matt chrome handle that’s perfect if you’re going for a subtle look.
The kit includes 1 handle, 1 matching wall hanger, 3 razor blades.

  • 100% no ingrown hair promise
  • Lifetime Warranty on handle
  • Animal friendly and Vegan 
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      Product Information

      All of Melle’s razors are completely made of zinc, a metal that is 100% recyclable. The razors are also 100% vegan. The design together with the weight of the razor gives you a perfect grip. For best results shave against the hair and use our Soothing Shaving balm while shaving. The moisturising balm soothes and softens the skin - all to avoid red rashes, inflamed hair follicles and ingrown hairs. Change blades every four weeks, the handle lasts forever. In between shaves, use the hanger to protect your blades and make them last longer.