5 steps for a smooth shave

Shaving is one of those things that a lot of us do and we all think we got the hang of it. Are we really shaving in the most efficient way, though? Once your Melle razor has reached its final destination in your bathroom, follow our 5 steps for a smooth shave to keep both your skin and your razor happy ever after.

1. Exfoliating is key

Before you begin shaving we recommend exfoliating your skin. Use a gentle body scrub or a loofah and circle around the area you want to shave. By exfoliating you're setting up your skin for a smooth shave - getting rid of dead skin cells that won't clog up your razor.

2. Shave this way, shave that way

Remember to always shave against your hairs for the best possible result. The hairs on your legs have a tendency to grow downwards, meaning that you should shave upwards. When it comes to your underarm hair though, you'll start by shaving upwards to get to the exposed hair and then shave downwards to get to the roots.

3. Make sure you've got the right temperature

You're not doing your skin any favors by dry shaving. Shave preferably while in the shower, where the heat and steam will help to open up your hair follicles. Cold water will give you goosebumps and therefore not a smooth shaving. Hot water will burn and irritate your skin. That's why lukewarm water is your best friend when it comes to a clean and close shave.

4. Soap? Don't know her. Soothing shaving balm is the new girl in town!

We know how easy it is to reach for the shower soap when it's time for a shave. Just because it's right there it doesn't mean you should use it while shaving. Truth is that shower soap usually leads to flaky dry skin after drying. Instead, use our Soothing Shaving Balm that we've formulated specifically for shaving. Our balm is filled with caring ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil and chamomile extract. It has an alluring scent and the formula is soft and luscious, leaving you with hydrated skin.

5. Remember to moisturize, but hang your Melle to dry

Once you've finished your shaving session it's time to moisturize and hydrate that skin of yours a little bit more. Use a body lotion or body butter that won't dry out your skin but instead keeps it hydrated for the next shaving session. Hang your beautiful Melle razor to dry on the hanger that came with your kit. This way your blades won't get rusty or ruined, last longer and guarantee a smooth shave.

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